Tesserai is a leader in enterprise information, business intelligence and analytics, committed to building a data future that fuels progress in Africa, from Africa. We empower organisations to manage risks and catalyse progress by building their internal data capacity and proficiency.

By combining the dynamism of human insight, predictive analytics, trusted access to restricted databases, and a powerful technology platform, we are able to help organisations maximise their impact.

We are part of Mettus, a collective of established data businesses that spans the fast-growing data and technology markets across Africa.

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About Mettus

Mettus is a data, analytics and technology services company committed to using its resources, in-house intellectual property and expertise as a transformative force for good. Mettus encompasses four established South African information services brands: Managed Integrity Evaluation Proprietary Limited (MIE), Xpert Decision Systems (XDS), Tesserai, and zenAptix.

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